Farms and Lands



 If you are interested in owning a farm or other recreational property, we would like to assist you. There are many great properties available, so many in fact that it's not easy to narrow the choices and be able to go see them efficiently.


Just give us some directions about the area you would like to own property in and the budget along with any specifics like water features, hunting and so forth and we will narrow the options down to suitable sites that you can see in a reasonable amount of time.




 We also are ready to help sell your rural property.

Just let us know a little about the property and we will tell you what we can do for you. We normally have potential buyers in our database.


Valued Add Services:


We are able to enhance your home, office, farm or recreational properties with solar power, water, food, bunkers, safe rooms and other protective features through vendors that we recommend.


We would like to outfit your property or help you buy a new one and outfit that one. There are very good options for families and even larger groups like medical partner groups, law partners, corporate management teams.


Please take a minute to email us with your desired type of property or services that we might help you with.